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are there in the united states? >> that's very hard. you so take attendance everyday. but we estimate about 58,000. something in that area. >> 58,000. and one of the things that we're here to -- dr. snider is going to help us with is there are conversations and images of sisters of nuns how have we seen them? what are the roles today? and internationally what are the questions they're engaged in within the catholic church. stay with us. we'll be right back. ,,,, . >> dr. sandra snyder of the jesuit school in berkeley. a joy to have you. we're going to talk in this segment about religious life. the religious life really goes back to the first century. let's skip the first 17 centuries of that and take us to western europe and what happens with immigration of into the united states and how that affects the sisters and the images that people have. >> all right. go back a little bit further than that. in the 1600s, 1700s. so the first time -- actually a little bit before that. the sisters who were nuns who were cloistered who entered their religious communities did not come out. did not have exter
networks here in the united states that would carry everything from our e-mails and phone calls to documents and blueprints. it's raising questions about national security and chinese espionage. >> if i were an american company today and you were looking at huawei, i would find another vendor, if you care about your intellectual property, if you care about your consumers' privacy, and you care about the national security of the united states of america. >> we have prada. we have chanel. we have dolce gabbana. we have versace. we have burberry. >> stahl: luxottica started here as a small tool shop in agordo, a dot of a town in the italian alps when frames were still made of mountain goat horns. do you have any idea how many people in the world are wearing your glasses right now? >> at least half a billion. >> ♪ i wonder how many times you been had... ♪ >> simon: in the late '60s, a singer/songwriter named rodriguez cut a couple of records that got great reviews but bombed. well, they didn't sell in america, but in south africa, for some reason, rodriguez was bigger than elvis
this was not just a popular uprising. in libya, there was no record of popular uprising against the united states. in fact, the united states is highly regarded in most of libya, and particularly in benghazi, this ambassador was incredibly popular in benghazi. secondly, they were well-armed and well-executed attack. it all the markings of a military-style attack. what's most troubling is one of narratives the obama campaign has laid out is bin laden is dead. they bragged about that forever and al qaeda is in retreat. and you start to wonder, did they basically say do not allow any story to emerge that counters that narrative? is that why for two weeks they total us the libyan incident in benghazi was a popular uprising and not a terrorist attack teak because it ran counter to their campaign narrative. i hope that's not true. you said early on in any presidency there's a moment truth. this president had one in iran. after the false elections there, the people took to the streets, and the president refused to line up with the green revolution there. he said he wasn't going to get involved in iran s
manufacturer in the world. it used to be the united states of america. >> governor, you're the last person who will get tough on china. >> we have iran four years closer to a nuclear bomb. >> when folks go after americans, we go after them. campaign 2012, a presidential debate. from boca raton, florida, here is scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, it was 50 years ago tonight that president john f. kennedy went on national television to announce that the soviet union had set up missile sites in cuba and he demanded that they be removed. the world was on the brink of nuclear war. it is a reminder of the kind of crisis a commander-in-chief can face. and it comes as as the candidates for president hold their final debate tonight, focusing on foreign policy. with the race still very tight, both president obama and mitt romney have a lot to gain and a lot to lose in their final joint appearance before a national audience. it might be their last best chance to win over the uncommitted voters who will decide the election, which is now just two weeks away. for tonight's debate, the candidates will be
of the united states, and the hurricane-force wind gusts will begin moving onshore during the day tomorrow, last through tomorrow night, and probably into tuesday morning as well. you can just see how massive this storm actually is going to be. and that's why we're so worriedly about the storm surge danger. if you're being asked to evacuate, you definitely need to. this is going to bring a tremendous amount of water near and just north of wherever the storm eventually makes landfall. and be-ause up the coast, we could see heavy rains parts of the area, a lot of maryland under a flood watch now as well, 5-10 inches of rain locally could fall in some spots. we have all the ingredients of a terrible storm, bob, coastal flooding, inland nothing. power outages are going to be a huge problem and in the mountains we could be talking about a lot of snow. >> schieffer: thank you very much, dave. and now to cbs news national correspondent chip reid who is in ocean city, maryland. chip, is it there yet? >> reporter: well, not quite the full force of it yet, bob, but we are certainly feeling stronger winds,
with a sudget deal. on cou think the united states would go back into recession? inthead of the international monetary fund paints a dark oncture. wyatt andrews and anthony mason on today's threats to the recover. thr the first time we'll take you inside this secret u.s. facility. bob orr shows us where they track terror suspects worldwide. and jim axelrod with a young soccer player who's replaced a missing leg with gallantry on the field. >> i just want to be seen as an equal. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, and we could add happy new year, because this is the first day of the federal government's new fiscal year. but there's not much to celebrate because the nation is headed toward what's being called the fiscal cliff and there are dire new warnings today about what will happen to american families unless congress and the president reach a budget deal by december 31. that is the day that a series of tax cuts will expire and big cuts in federal spending will take hold. tax experts said today 90% of american families are f
. >> the camp would have trained al qaeda sympathizers here in the united states. those either with u.s. passports sspoith other western country passports, and have them trained in explosive training and, frankly, soldier trainl. >> reporter: in a 2002 >> reporter: in a 2002 interview with cbs news, abu hamza downplayed his connection to the >>ganizers. >> i don't know if these people ask me some questions or some of them have come to visit the mosque. but no structured link. >> reporter: also in court today, two men who prosecutors say were part of al qaeda's london cell in the 1990. theof them, khaled al-fawwaz, allegedly served as a kind of press secretary for osama bin laden. he is charged with terrorism conspiracy, in connection with th the 1998 u.s. embassy bombings in kenya and tanzania that killed 224 people, including a dozen americans. he made sure al qaeda got credit. >> he received the statement of responsibility for the bombing three days before the bombing actually happened. so there's clear evidence that r: was connected to the group. >> reporter: all three suspects be
revenue on anti-poverty programs while attacking the west particularly the united states. chavez has been treated for cancer since 2011. to weather. first significant sign winter is around the corner. much of the southern plains to the ohio valley is waking up to below normal temperatures. freeze watches and warnings cover the region this morning. some areas frost warnings are posted. the cool weather is spreading in to the northeast and midwest. and an update on a story from last week. border patrol agent killed on arizona's border with mexico was the victim of friendly fire. agent nicholas ivie opened fire on fellow agents thinking they were armed smugglers. they returned fire killing ivie. the two set of agents were investigating a border sensor. they knew other agents were heading to the area but didn't know where they were. >>> the pharmacy linked to the meningitis outbreak has recalled all its products. patients in nine states have come down with a rare form of fungal meningitis after receiving a tainted steroid shot. there are 91 confirmed cases and seven patients have died. the st
with the united states. i share this hope. but hope is not a strategy. polls show president obama still doing better than the challenger on national security and foreign policy. his campaign is already pushing back hard. this new ad mocks romney's july overseas trips and his response to the deadly attack on the embassy in libya. >> if this is how he handles the world now think what he might do as president. >> reporter: the president is at a star-studded fundraiser in hollywood last night, he made his first public comments about his debate performance. >> everybody here is incredible professionals. >> reporter: the president and mitt romney will face foreign policy questions in the next debate in eight days. cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> the president what is near bakersfield this afternoon for a dedication ceremony where cesar chavez's home is being made into a national monument. president obama is expected to arrive in the bay area in less than two hours and will go to two fundraisers in san francisco. antiwar protestors had greet him. >>> the president of alaska airlines is hoping for a partial
of committing some sort of jihad here in the united states. >> the fbi foil ss a bomb plot in new york city. >> 21-year-old bag la desh bangladeshan taken into custody by federal authorities. >> tried to detonate what he thought was a real 1,000-pound bomb. >> taped a video, claiming victory for al qaeda and terror. >>> started talking about binder s s. he had to go and ask where a qualified woman with was, he should have come to my house. >> and the debate is still very much on people's minds, apparently mitt romney's son, tagg. >> twhas like for you to hear the president of the united states call your dad a liar? >> you want to rush down to the stage and take a swing at him but you know you can't do that. >> by 2013 it will all be digital, "newsweek." >>> storms rolled through the deep south. a lot of people without power this morning. mississippi appears to be the hardest hit. >>> final flight of a german military plane almost turned into a disaster. missing the crowd just a few feet. >>> the bay area is buzzing. there was a brilliant flash and big boom in t
to the united states sent on jihad. some of those who know him are expressing disbelief the 21-year-old tried to carry out an attack. federal agents are going over evidence taken from quazi nafis' new york apartment. they are trying to determine if he has any connection to al qaeda. nafis claimed to have ties to the terror group overseas. allegedly telling an undercover agent he was working with another man named yaqueen. sources say yaqueen has been identified as willy carter a san diego man arrested wednesday on child pornography charges. the fbi said he was in contact with yaqueen but doesn't appear to be connected to the bomb plot. nafis's family in bangladesh are stunned by his arrest. his father said he spent his life savings to send his son to school in the united states and his son could not be involved in a terror plot. nafis's sister said her brother is being set up. >> we don't think it could to be done by him. he must have been victimized. because in bangladesh, he was not like this. he was a good boy. >> after flunking out of school in bangladesh, nafis came to the u.s. on a stud
but the entire eastern seaboard of the united states has been put on alert. this mega storm combined with a second weather system coming from the west is expected to impact the entire east coast early next week with dangerous and destructive weather. sandy is blamed for 21 deaths in the caribbean, most of them in cuba and haiti. the storm has weakened somewhat. it's now a category 1 hurricane with sustained winds of 85 miles per hour. sandy is expected to grow in size as it moves north. tropical storm conditions are expected along the east coast of florida throughout the day. danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: florida is feeling the effects of hurricane sandy. strong winds are whipping the surf into foam. the waves and heavy rain are flooding the streets near miami. the storm is still hundreds of miles away. sandy raged over the bahamas thursday after tearing through cuba and haiti as a category 2 hurricane. florida residents are not taking this storm in stride. >> as we're speaking i'm filling sand bags. >> reporter: the center of sandy is expected to pass just off of florid
, they are already saying it could develop into a major weather event. as sandy pushes toward the united states, it is expected to take one of two tracks. it could swirl up the mid-atlantic state posing no serious danger but bringing strong winds and waves or merge with a cold front creating a monster storm that slams into the northeast by the beginning of next week. >> that storms a new lou, which could be a major nor'easter that could mean extremely heavy snows well inland across the applachians, maybe western pennsylvania, very heavy rains along the coast and some very strong winds. >> cue aba was the latest island to get in sandy's way. officials ordered at least 55 evacuations many from low-lying areas. santa could dump up to 20 inches of rain on cuba and deliver a storm surge up to six feet. on wednesday, sandy crest the shore in jam a ka as a category 1 storm with winds topping out at 80 o miles per hour. the storm is blamed for killing an elderly man when a bowel boulder crushed his home. sandy sent hundreds of people fleeing to shelters. some refused to evacuate fearing their homes wou
father added that his party was the united states of america, which he served loyally and with all his heart. bill whitaker, cbs news, san francisco. >> >> pelley: stevens' death has become part of the political debate and will likely come up here tonight. secretary of state hillary clinton said yesterday that she takes responsibility for the security failure in benghazi. last night in peru our state department correspondent margaret brennan asked secretary clinton how that failure happened. >> reporter: it wasn't an intelligence failure? >> i'm not going to get into the blame game. i think intelligence is very hard to do. and what we're going to find out as we do this accountability review and we get what will be the best possible chronology that will be attached to what we knew when which takes time, it can not be just produced automatically. nobody wants to get answers more than i do. these were people who i care deeply about. i knew chris stevens. i personally nominated him to be ambassador because i could not think of a better person to represent the united states, somebody who un
investing here in the united states and creating jobs here. it also means we're helping them and small businesses to export all around the world to new markets. number two: we've got to make sure that we have the best education system in the world. and the fact that you're going to college is great. but i want everybody to get a great education. we worked hard to make sure that student loans are available for folks like you, but i also want to make sure that community colleges are offering slots for workers to get retrained for the jobs that are out there right now and the jobs of the future. number three: we've got to control our own energy. not only oil and natural gas-- which we've been investing in-- but also we've got to make sure we're building the energy source of the future. not just thinking about next year, but ten years from now, 20 years from now. that's why we've invested in solar and wind and biofuels. energy efficient cars. we've got to reduce our deficit but we have to do in the a balanced way. asking the wealthy to pay a little bit more along with cuts so we can invest
of 17 people in the united states. 7.4million homes and businesses all without power. that's across 16 states. including washington, d.c. we are hearing figures of between $10 and $20 billion in damage and 15,000 flights across the country have been canceled. ines ferre has the latest in new york city. >> reporter: thousands of new yorkers today are without power and the southern part of manhattan is virtually shut down. >>> reporter: a storm surge nearly 14 feet high pushed ashore flooding hundreds of miles of coastline from virginia to massachusetts. >> it's the most flooding i have seen in all the years i have lived here. >> reporter: floodwater and high winds have knocked out power to millions of people. >> we are seeing a large number of fires caused by downed wires and electrical problems relating to outages. >> reporter: more than 200 firefighters are still battling a blaze in an evacuation in queens. more than 50 homes have already been destroyed. the cause of the fire is still being investigated. and power outages prompted a mass evacuation from nyu hospital when a backup gene
" elizabeth palmer, islamabad. >>> the head of al qaeda is calling for a holy war against the united states. in an audio message posted on the internet this morning, ayman al zawahiri praised those who stormed the embassy last month and calls for more protests. he called the demonstrators honest and zealous. >> deadly meningitis outbreak has prompted calls for tougher oversight of the pharmaceutical industry. at least 184 people in 12 states have now been sickened. 14 have died. tennessee is the hardest hit state with at least 50 cases reported. the source of the outbreak is contaminated steroid shots made to treat back pain. >>> the space shuttle endeavor is on the move been. it's on a flat bed truck moving at 2 miles per hour through the streets of l.a. from los angeles international airport. not hard to imagine going 2 miles per hour. the journey was delayed when power lines had to be taken down to accommodate the sheer size of the spacecraft. it's expected to reach the museuming tonight. >> most people go 2 miles per hour. >> baseball is down to its final four. st. louis. cardinals comp
united states. sandy is a powerful category 2 storm with sustained winds of 105 miles per hour. as of this morning, the storm is blamed for at least two deaths, one in swra majamaica, one in h. it is in cuba this morning. it could affect the eastern coast by the weekend. and sandy could combine with weather systems to pose a threat to the entire northeast coast. >> overnight sandy slammed eastern cuba with 110-mile-per-hour winds. this morning, the situation there is described as grave. one witness said that sandy was worse than the hurricane back in 19 1963, one of the deadliest hurricanes ever. thousands were forced to evacuate. widespread power outages, including at the u.s. base at guantanamo bay. sandy hit jamaica and haiti. in jamaica, a boulder slammed into a house, killing one person. and in hateiti a woman was swep away as she tried to cross a river. david, talk about the size and strength of this storm. >> well, norah, overnight this storm got really strong, pictures from the caribbean, from cuba just proved that. here is the latest information we have this morning. w
,000 flights across the united states have been canceled. ines ferre is live in new york with more on the wrath of sandy. >>> reporter: hurricane sandy flooded some areas of new york city, knocked out power of thousands, and the southern part of manhattan is virtually shut down. >>> reporter: a storm surge nearly 14 feet high pushed ashore flooding hundreds of miles of coastline from virginia to massachusetts. >> it's the most flooding i have seen in all the years i have lived here. >> reporter: floodwater and high winds have knocked out power to millions of people. >> we are seeing a large number of fires caused by downed wires an electrical problems relating to outages. >> reporter: more than 200 firefighters are still battling a blaze in an evacuation in queens. more than 50 homes have already been destroyed. the cause of the fire is still being investigated. and power outages prompted a mass evacuation from nyu hospital when a backup generator failed. dozens of ambulances lined up to evacuate more than 200 patients throughout the early- morning hours and extra help was called in to help mov
by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. the united states is facing an attack threat equivalent to 9/11, an attack that would be carried out by computer. that was the stark warning from defense secretary leon panetta. he described a cyber pearl harbor in which attackers could take over computers that control the transportation system or a utility with deadly consequences. panetta's dire prediction comes after a massive computer attack on the world's largest oil company. so we asked david martin to tell us more. >> reporter: u.s. officials say a cyber attack against aramco, the world's largest oil producer, has been traced to hackers inside iran. another volley in an increasingly high stakes war going on in cyberspace. and defense secretary panetta enns potential enemies, opcluding iran, are developing the capability to launch devastating attacks. >> the collective result of these kinds of attacks could be a cyber pearl harbor. an attack that would cause physical destruction and the loss of life. an attack that would paralyze and shock the na
colorado is about is to become the marijuana capital of the united states. >> reporter: state representative jonathan singer supports the idea of treating marijuana like alcohol. a former drug counselor he has seen the effects of drug abuse but says most people who use marijuana do so responsibly. >> marijuana has the potential just like any other drug to hurt people, and people need to make that informed decision. but this is not cocaine, this is not meth or heroin. >> reporter: a win here could boosted legalization efforts elsewhere where a loss would be a sign that marijuana use is one right many americans are not willing to grant. barry petersen, cbs news, denver. >> coming up after your local news on cbs "this morning," more on felix baumgartner's record breaking super sonic jump. we'll have a wrap from roswell, new mexico. >>> plus the latest in the case of a prominent investment banker who claims he was beaten by lapd officers. harry potter author j.k. rowling stops by the studio. that's the "cbs morning news" for this morning. have a great day. that's the cbs news this
>> the cost of war. the united states reaches a somber milestone in the war in afghanistan. >> gearing up, president obama and mitt romney prepare for their first debate. a show down in denver this wednesday. >>> and on the record, arnold schwarzenegger opens up on "60 minutes" about the affair that produced a son and ended his marriage. >> it was the stupidest thing i've done in the whole relationship. >> this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, october 1, 2012. >>> good morning. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. this morning in afghanistan the taliban is claiming responsibility for a suicide attack that killed at least 14 people, including three nato service members. a suicide bomber riding a motorcycle rammed into a patrol. americans have a large presence there. nato is trying to sort out a weekend attack in afghanistan that left two americans dead. the casualties push the number of u.s. personnel killed in afghanistan to 2,000. the circumstances of saturday's violence remains unclear but a fire fight broke out at a checkpoint in eastern afghanistan. what nato ha
, the researchers chose weight watchers because it's the largest commercial program in the united states that focuses on changing what you eat as well as increasing physical activity. here's more good news. weight watchers ended up being less expensive than the group led by the professionals. >> if you have friends that are encouraging you, they won't be tempting you with sweet treats. >> reporter: another good point, yes. absolutely right. let them know you're on a diet. that helps. >> leave the cookies at home. >> reporter: if you want to know if you need to be on a diet, get a tape measure. your waist measurement should be half your height. >> thank you. >>> brian hackney at the helm in the weather center. you have that look on your face. >> i'm doing the calculation. [ laughter ] >> oh, okay. [ laughter ] >> i'm in trouble! >> what are you numbers is. >> that's the last time i do calculus on the air. let's go outside. the numbers now are reflecting the fact that the skies are as blue as a swimmer's lips out there. it's just gorgeous. the visibilities have dramatically improved. low
himself, how he would perform as president of the united states. >> reporter: romney comes out on top when voters are asked who will do a better job with the economy. president obama can claim victory on who will be better for the middle class. foreign policy played a key role in this debate when the question turned to the attack in benghazi, libya. >> you said in the rose garden the day after the attack it was an act of terror. it was not a spontaneous demonstration, is that what you're saying? >> please proceed, governor. >> i want to make sure we get that on the record because it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terror. >> he did. let me call it an act of terror. >> can you say that a little louder, candy? >> reporter: following the debate democrats crowed about the moderator fact checking romney. romney's team maintains the governor was correct. >> governor got blindsided a little bit by a moderator who incorrectly tried to affirm what the president said. >> reporter: the two candidates were likely to have a chance to answer more questions ne
about restoring that unipolar moment for the united states, where the u.s. was the preeminent power around the world and basically had no challengers. and we had that for a while really between the collapse of the soviet union and the beginning of 9/11. what you hear from president obama is something different. what you hear is we're in a different age now. we've got to pull back from these wars. we have to build coalitions. and countries that have a greater interest in solving a problem like libya or syria have to put skin in the game first. the u.s. will be there to back them up. that's a very different concept. it's one of sort sharing power, building coalitions. now, you heard mr. romney say at various points he, too, would build coalitions, and i'm sure he would. but the question is does the world view mr. romney as somebody who wants to bring back america allegation the sole superpower? do they view president obama as somebody who can actually engage the rest of the world? what he promised in 2008, he's governed more through drone strikes, through cyber-attacks on iran, throug
in a speech last month to the united nations. >> the united states will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: two weeks ago, romney spelled out his line. >> the united states and our friends and allies will prevent them from acquiring nuclear weapons capability. >> reporter: that last word, "capability," which he uses on his campaign website, significantly shortens the time before iran would reach romney's red line. his campaign refuses to specify what he means by "capability," but the term usually refers to iran's stockpile of enriched uranium. israeli prime minister netanyahu told the u.n. his own red line would come next spring or summer when iran is expected to have enriched enough uranium to build a bomb. president obama insists iran has not yet made a decision to go for the bomb and even with enough enriched uranium would still need a year or more to build one. >> america wants to resolve this issue through diplomacy and we believe that there is still time and space to do so. >> reporter: an aide to romney says the governor also believes there is
in the united states but just last month they filed trademarks for mccafe ground and whole bean coffee. >>> halloween is less than a week away and there's a new way for parents to keep tabs on their children. alert id is an online service that tells members of dangers in the area including crime trends and natural disaster alerts. it also allows users to send pictures of their children to the police if they go missing. it helps fight crime. >> if you see something suspicious or something of concern to you you just post it and it goes out to all the neighbors in a mile radius. >> alert id is free and is supported by local law enforcement. >>> coming up in our next half hour, rather strange burglary burglaries targeting dental offices. the thieves are after something that coul kill. the invisible danger. >> michelle obama comes to california for cash. the celebrities helping the first lady's fundraiser. >> microsoft overhauls its flagship product. the radical changes coming to windows. ,,,, with over 200 varieties, keur makes breng a delicious cup of coffee simple. how does it brew such
of the united states. >> reporter: but the day's events quickly were overshadowed by a 2007 speech of then presidential candidate and senator obama veering off his prepared script before a predominantly black audience he seemed to imply the federal government was withholding recovery money to new orleans after hurricane katrina based on race. after september 11th and hurricane andrew in 1992 in florida, the government response was -- >> we're not going to wait for you to scratch it together because you're part of the american family. >> reporter: but after katrina, he said it was different. >> what's happening down in new orleans? where is your dollar? tells me that somehow the people down in new orleans, they don't care about as much. >> reporter: now in this speech we saw last night, the president said he didn't think the initial response to hurricane katrina was motivated by race. he said that incompetence was color blind. this speech was covered in 2007. it was aired last night on the conservative media, fox on hanity, the daily caller. that prompted some to speculate that perh
for a safer, freer and more prosperous middle east al middle east allied with the united states. i share this hope. but hope is not a strategy. >> we're going to win florida! we're taking back the white house! >> reporter: this speech comes after a weekend of campaigning in the battleground state of florida. romney, a private man, began showing a compassionate side telling personal stories about helping others including a 14-year-old boy from his congregation who was dying of leukemia. >> he said i'd like you to write a will for me. and so i got out a big piece of legal pad and he proceeded to describe the things he wanted to give away. his skateboard. his fishing rod. who they'd go to. of course his rifle to his brother. this is a boy who had the courage. i didn't see him waver. i saw strength in his eyes. >> reporter: romney also is pushing back hard against attacks from the obama campaign with a new ad saying the president is falsely accusing hmm of advocating a $5 trillion tax cut. >> the latest? not telling the truth about mitt romney's tax plan. >> reporter: now, romney will be spe
weeks and a day americans will decide who'll be the next president of the united states. the candidates get their last chance tonight to make their case to the voters. the subject will be foreign policy at the third and final presidential debate. the moderator will be chief washington correspondent bob schieffer. meanwhile a new quinnipiac university/cbs news poll focuses on ohio, a vital swing state for both campaigns. >> president obama now has a five point advantage over governor mitt romney. 50% to 45% among likely voters in ohio. romney has cut the president's lead in half since september. the same poll found voters prefer the president on foreign policy, but, again, his lead has shrunk in the past month. when they were asked who's a strong leader, more ohio voters choose romney. when asked if the candidates care about their needs and problems, the president had the advantage. jan crawford is in boca raton, florida, the site of tonight's debate. she's covering things from the side of the romney campaign. good morning. >> good morning, norah, charlie, those of you in the west. romne
, we will track you to the gates of hell, if need be. and lastly, the president of the united states has-- has led with a steady hand and clear vision. governor romney, the opposite. the last thing we need now is another war. >> congressman ryan. >> we mourn the loss of these four americans who were murdered. when you take a look at what has happened just in the last few weeks, they sent u.n. ambassador out to say that this was because of a protest and a youtube video. it took the president two weeks to acknowledge that this was a terrorist attack. he went to the u.n. and in his speech at the u.n. he said six times he talked about the youtube video. look, if we're hit by terrorists we're going to call it for what it is-- a terrorist attack. our ambassador in paris has a marine detachment guarding him. shouldn't we have a marine detachment guarding our ambassador in benghazi, a place where we knew that there was an al qaeda cell with arms? this is becoming more troubling by the day. they first blamed the youtube video. now they're trying to blame the romney-ryan ticket with making thi
in tonight heard from the governor himself how he would perform as president of the united states. >> reporter: president obama can claim victory on the question of who would be better for the middle class. foreign policy played a key role in the debate when the question turned to the attack in benghazi, libya. >> it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terror. >> get the transcript. >> he did in fact, sir. so let me call it an act of terrorism. >> can you say that a little louder candy. >> reporter: democrats crowed about the moderator fact checking governor romney. >> why did they go to the talk shows to suggest it was the result of a mob reacting to a youtube video? >> reporter: the two candidates will have a chance to answer more questions on libya next monday at the third and final debate which is focused entirely on foreign policy. one of the things that romney did throughout the debate was to remind voters that president obama had failed to keep his campaign promises especially with respect to repairing the economy and president obama
of historic artifacts in the united states: thousands of items, including signed documents by george washington, thomas jefferson, francis scott key, and mark twain. and for 20th century buffs... >> one third of a nation... >> simon: ...f.d.r.'s copy of his 1937 inaugural address. all of these were found in landau's apartment? >> all of these documents were seized from mr. landau's apartment in new york city. >> i love you, guy. i love you. >> who has a bigger moustache? hey, there's a good looking woman! >> pitts: shad khan is the newest owner in the national football league. >> i'm jaguars owner shad khan, and i'm all in. >> pitts: his rakish moustache and unflagging optimism have made him a favorite in northern florida, but it's his unique american success story that made him a story for "60 minutes." >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm leslie stahl. >> i'm bob simon. >> i'm lara logan. >> i'm byron pitts. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories tonight on "60 minutes." [ male announcer ] we're all on a journey to financial independence. ♪ whether you're just beginning the journey... ♪ ...s
're going to help us elect mitt romney the next president of the united states, aren't you? >> reporter: pennsylvania was leaning to the president, but romney is gaining ground. today, vice presidential nominee paul ryan made one of his first stops in the state, a campaign source saying they're considering spending money on television ads. later in the battleground state of ohio, ryan kept his remarks focused on big themes. his attacks centered on the president's policies. >> this is not just about jobs. it's not just about debt or the economy. it is about the meaning of america. >> reporter: but now with just less than three weeks to go, the biggest game changer of them all could be what happens right here behind me on this stage monday night, the third and final debate on foreign policy. and it's widely expected to be another monumental clash between the candidates. rebecca. >> jarvis: jan crawford, thank you. with foreign policy the debate's focus, the september 11 terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, is expected to come up again. as sharyl attkisson reports, so
. they win 14.5 to 13.5. europe one 8 of the 12 matches today. an epic collapse by the united states. >> it was of the last night we were talking about oh, americans got it. yes. >> now. >> tonight on game day? >> we have reporters in oakland and denver and new york. >> everywhere. >> all right. thank you very much. we will see you back here in half an hour and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
-5. >>> and a shocker in golf. europeans comeback and they stung the united states t. is over. >> yes. a lot of that, talk about it in game day. >> i have is a reporter with the athletics, one with stpraoeupbers and one 49ers and one with the raiders. >> >>> we will show you a new approach to get rid of a headache and his patients say it works. that story and more tonight at 11:00. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news "60 minutes" is next. arnold schwarzenegger on dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that.
the rest of europe and maybe even the united states economy down with it. but wait until they close up at barcelona's boqueria market and follow the porters out back to where they dump the trash and you get a different impression. in spain these days, one person's garbage can be another one's sustenance. just because you can't sell it doesn't mean you can't eat it. at closing time around here, the shadows are full of the desperate and the hungry. and when darkness falls, they come out. they joke and call it recycling. ivan and his friends are regulars here. for them there's no such thing as a sell-by date. >> i know here i can find fresh juice and some vegetables. >> reporter: because many people come here to pick them. >> and not only homeless and-- normal people. >> reporter: there's a new kind of normal in spain. once it was considered shameful to have to take food from one of barcelona's food banks. these trucks used to deliver donated food relief mostly to immigrants who'd fallen on hard times. not anymore. laia ginjoan, who helps run this center, said well over a million people i
that? >> did you really need to call barack obama the president of the united states lazy? >> yes. >> and all that matters. >> he hasn't done this poorly since he debated clint eastwood. >> campaign and their supporters debated the president's poor performance on everything from the moderator to the altitude. >> on "cbs this morning." >> yes if he would shut [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ] captioning funded by cbs >> welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm charlie rose in new york. norah o'donnell is in washington. jobless report just came out. it shows a growing number of americans are getting back to work. >> the numbers are much better than economists predicted. it's sure to become an issue in the presidential race. >> rebecca jarvis has the numbers and what they mean. >> good morning, charlie. >> what are the numbers? >> the big headline here is the big surprise, the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8%, the first time we've been below 8% since january of 2009. 114,000 new jobs created in the month of september. >> norah? >> rebecca, that's a huge drop, better than
cal. senator dianne feinstein as well as libya's ambassador to the united states will attend the service that starts vingire through a restaurant supply store in san carlos overnight. it broke out just after midnight. firefighters battled flames for two hours on washington street. crews did manage to stop from the spreading to nearby buildings. no one was hurt. >>> in san francisco crews spent the early mog fire. it started near the back of the two nav story building in the bayview hunter's point neighborhood. a rear bedroom was damaged but luckily everyone got out safely. firefighters were able to keep the flames from spreading to nearby homes. >>> while they were beating the niners some new york giants football players say they had their cars broken into. thieves gained access to the lot where players park their cars in new jersey. police say thieves stole a 1996 chevy owned bia giants player. officials haven't released the names of the players who were targeted. >>> a man loses thousands of dollars because of check fraud without much help from your bank what you can do to
16 shark attacks a year in the united states and few are fatal. in july, a man escaped injury near santa cruz after being thrown through his kayak, when the shark bit through his boat. >>> what a night last night, huh? it is great. the giants will be taking on the tigers tomorrow night. game one of the world series. it's not just the players who are getting ready. linda e. he shows us fans are ready to spend big bucks and merchants are beginning to cash in. >> inside the giant's dugout store, fans are splashing anything orange and black. she's not afraid to spend a lot of bucks. >> a couple of thousand. >> about the tickets, the average price of the ticket, games one and two at the giant's ballpark is $700. $3-400 for standing room only. stub hub on-line ticket market is seeing more demand than two years ago. >> listing tickets for almost a million for view reserve seats. >> no one expects the seller to get the price. they estimate the world series will bring in millions for local businesses. giant span, pamela mezola celebrates with the black and orange reso resoto. >> venetian pl
a seven day winning streak while the hang seng added a quarter offer with sent. the united states is largest producer of oil. it's due to new oil drilling techniques. the u.s. passed russian production this year and now is the second largest producer behind saudi arabia. the u.s. will need to import lots of oil to meet its high demand. cost of higher education is going up but not as much as in the past. according to a new report, tuition at public universities is up nearly 5%. that's less than the last two years and the cost to attend a private school are also higher after declining for three years. report also finds enrollment has leveled off and borrowing for tuition is down. and career builder is out with its annual list of the best cities to find work. san jose, california tops the list of cities with the most job growth since 2010. houston and austin texas are in second and third place and detroit, michigan is in fourth. the biggest growth industries are energy production, technology and health care. so if it doesn't work out for us here, san jose, here we come. >> missed you
to have a special ceremony tonight for baseball veterans who served for the united states, tommy lasorda jerry coleman another big baseball legend and also going to have a show narrated by tom brokaw called the greatest generation, all this support, game 2 at at&t park before first pitch a very special ceremony for a local veteran here in the bay area. so it was a marvelous day. bud selig told us an interesting stat today. you know we have been talking about pablo sandoval making history last night with three home runs? >> sure. >> he said nobody is talk about the fact he broke another record. he is the only one to do it in three at-bats, three consecutive at-bats. >> three consecutive at-bats or one, two, three, right out of the chute? i'm not sure. >> one two three right out of the chute which would be consecutive. >> is that gaylord perry hanging out with the kids, too? >> this is just veterans medical center and people were lining up and they were so generous with their handshakes. if you want more information you can visit us online at big spread on giants fever. >>> it
of the united states. and it's threatening to smack that part of the country with the torrential rains, the high winds, the majored inning in the power outage -- major outages and the poweroutages one week before election day. between maryland and new england, but this is not just a coastal event. this is going to go well inland and as ann was noting it will collide with two other systems being a superstorm. up to 12 inches of rain is likely before much of this turns to snow inland. power outages with wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour, and something else occurring and we also have a full moon. causing an astronomical high tide. which historians are actually saying rivals the perfect storm that happened back in 1991 and of course the movie was based on. so we'll keep our eye on hurricane sandy. ann? >>> all right robert that, tank so much -- roberta. theth thanks so much. we have an update on the boil order in effect for some of you tonight. >> with when you hear about -- and when you hear about drones you probably think of something like this over a place like afghanistan. but not for long. a l
qaeda prisoners in the united states released. ayman al-zawahiri made the statement in a two-hour video posted on jihadist web sites. he also called on muslims to support uprising in syria. a four-day cease-fire to mark the muzz lum holiday is crumbling fast in syria. activists say at least 49 people were killed across the country today in clashes between government troops and rebels. in damascus, a warplane bomb flattened a three-story building killing eight men. later, the surprisingly close arizona race that could decide control of the senate. will either presidential candidates' plans help this man keep his house? and the door help to-door battle for early voters in colorado. those stories when the cbs evening news continues. >> brennan: early voting began today in both maryland and florida. the battleground state that at the heart of the disputed 2000 election. in colorado voting has been under way since monday. the most recent poll there shows the candidates in a dead heat, which is why both side are going all out. terrell brown has more. >> reporter: in boulder county, colorado,
hurricane sandy is lifting up and just scraping by that eastern third of the united states. and at this particular time the hurricane-force winds excontinued out 510 miles. that is covering a lot of real estate. feeling the winds in new york city and jersey. so, where will the landfall be? at this time it looks like it could change but after making a little bit of an eastern move out towards the ocean it goes right back towards landfall around atlantic city and it looks like it wants to hang out this for quite some time with the lowering pressure. we are anticipating a foot of rain. right now the hurricane has winds 75 miles an hour, gusting up to 90. it decreases a little bit. and we are looking at record high storm surplg that are causing catastrophe -- surging that are causing catastrophe flooding through the new york area and the sound. for us we are going into a different weather pattern. we have the return of the low clouds, patchy fog. overcast tomorrow morning, dense fog for openers, could see more airport delays in the morning hours, this is an area of low pressure
:00. >> it is 4:48 now. all stock markets here in the united states will be closed today as wall street braces for hurricane sandy. the new york stock exchange planned on just closing physical trading floor and allowing electronic trading but overnight decided to halt trading completely. >>> in a fresh batch of economic reports are expected to impact trading. latest on consumer confidence. but the main event couples friday when the government releases october unemployment report. last jobs report americans will see before heading to the polls to vote. >> today is the first day facebook employees are allowed to trade their shares. 230 million shares on the market. the employees were able to convert company holdings. the market is closed because of hurricane sandy. >> well, the giant's world series win has one down side for the fans. they couldn't experience the victory at home ballpark. there was a handful of giant's fans who witnessed it firsthand in the motor city. >>> sometimes one picture tells it all. as the game ends, giant's fans celebrate. tiger's fans, don't. >>> for the woman who came
-- it is not what i think colorado is about. to become the marijuana capital of the united states. state representative jonathan singer supports the idea of treating marijuana like alcohol. a former drug counselor, singer has seen the effects of drug abuse but he says most people who use marijuana do so responsibly. >> marijuana has the potential just like any other drug to hurt people and people need to make that informed decision. but this is not cocaine. this is not meth this is not heroin. >> reporter: a win here could boost legallization efforts elsewhere, where a loss within a sign that marijuana use is one right many americans are not willing to grant. barry petersen, cbs news, denver. >> jeff: we have today's updated numbers from federal health officials on the meningitis outbreak. there are now more than 200 victims in 14 states. 15 people who received the tainted steroid injections have died. in north carolina health officials are trying to find the source of an e. coli outbreak. one child has died and 19 others who attended a county fair were sickened by the bacteria. e. coli
come it has taken so long to bring masri to the united states? >> reporter: this has been a long fight. he's been fighting extradition since his m dictment because he knows frankly he faces a life sentence here in the u.s. one of his alleged co-conspirators has already been convicted and he's sentenced to life in prison. masri is an interesting character. he lost both hands and one eye fighting the soviets in afghanistan and he says he suffers a number of physical ailments. he lists diabetes and depression among them. his supporters argued if masri came to the u.s. he would be subject to human rights violations in prison. so they used those arguments to drag these things out. >> who were the other suspects that were brought back? >> reporter: two of them are terrorism financiers. and the other is accused of bombings in tunisia. they are charged with conspiring to kill americans and another one is accused of attempting to use a weapons of mass destruction. people remember the 1998 attack. it was al qaeda's largest twirngs bombings of the embassies in east africa, caused the deaths of mo
. they will investigate exactly what went wrong. nora? >> thank you. >>> the united states anti-doping agency has put out a 202 page report showing exactly how lance armstrong cheated for years. the blistering report accuses the cycling star of using performance enhancing drugs and giving them to other riders. armand has covered the story since it began. good morning. >> good morning, nora. few athletes in the world of sport have climbed and conquered more mountains than lance armstrong. a record seven time winner of the tour de france, inspirational cancer survivor, global icon. it has been stained by a damning new report detailing systematic doping by armstrong and his teammates. >> reporter: the report released yesterday by the u.s. anti-doping agency known as usada charges armstrong and his u.s. postal service team engaged in a systematic, sustained, highly professional doping conspiracy. usada backed its charges with more than 1,000 pages of evidence including financial payments, e-mails, scientific data and laboratory tests. plus, sworn testimony from ten postal riders who say they had knowledge of
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